About the NYSE Rules

The Rules of the NYSE.

What's New

NYSE Rules


  Rule 15A - Order Protection Rule
  Rule 36 - Communications Between Exchange and Member's Offices

Dealings and Settlements

  Rule 49 - Emergency Powers
  Rule 96 - Limitation on Members' Trading Because of Options
  Rule 104T -Dealings by DMMs
  Rule 111 - Reports of Executions
  Rule 123D -Openings and Halts in Trading

Operation of Member Organizations

  Rule 345 - Employees—Registration, Approval, Records

Disciplinary Rules (Legacy)

  Rule 476A - Imposition of Fines for Minor Violation(s) of Rules

Disciplinary Rules (Procedural)

  Rule 9217 - Violations Appropriate for Disposition Under Plan Pursuant to SEA Rule 19d-1(c)(2)
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