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The Rules of the NYSE.

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NYSE Rules


  Rule 1 - "The Exchange"
  Rule 2 - "Member," "Membership," "Member Firm," etc.
  Rule 2B - Affiliation between Exchange and a Member Organization
  Rule 13 - Orders and Modifiers
  Rule 22 - Disqualification Because of Personal Interest
  Rule 36 - Communications Between Exchange and Member's Offices

Dealings and Settlements

  Rule 46 - Floor Officials—Appointment
  Rule 48 -Exemptive Relief — Extreme Market Volatility Condition
  Rule 49 -Emergency Powers
  Rule 72 -Priority of Bids and Offers and Allocation of Executions
  Rule 86 -NYSE Bonds SM
  Rule 88 - Bonds Liquidity Providers
  Rule 98 -Operation of a DMM Unit
  Rule 104 - Dealings and Responsibilities of DMMs
  Rule 104T -Dealings by DMMs
  Rule 105 -DMMs' Interest in Pools
  Rule 107B - Supplemental Liquidity Providers
  Rule 107C - Retail Liquidity Program
  Rule 123B -Exchange Automated Order Routing System
  Rule 123C -The Closing Procedures
  Rule 128 -Clearly Erroneous Executions For NYSE Equities

Operation of Member Organizations

  Rule 422 - Loans of and to Directors, etc.

Listing and Delisting

  Rule 497 - Additional Requirements for Listed Securities Issued by IntercontinentalExchange Group, Inc. or its Affiliates

Off Hours Facility Trading Rules

  Rule 900 - Off-Hours Trading: Applicability and Definitions

Automatic Executions

  Rule 1000 - Automatic Executions

Gold Shares

  Rule 1300 - streetTRACKS® Gold Shares

Currency Shares

  Rule 1300A - Currency Trust Shares

Commodity Trust Shares

  Rule 1300B - Commodity Trust Shares
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