About the NYSE Rules

The Rules of the NYSE.

What's New


  Rule 19 - Locking or Crossing Protected Quotations in NMS Stocks

Dealings and Settlements

  Rule 107C - Retail Liquidity Program
  Rule 123D - Openings and Halts in Trading

Operation of Member Organizations

  Rule 346 - Statutory Disqualification - Association of Member Organizations, and Persons Associated With Member Organizations

Communications with the Public

  Rule 472 - Communications With The Public

Conduct Rules

  Rule 2040 - Payments to Unregistered Persons

Disciplinary Rules (Investigations and Sanctions)

  Rule 8311 - Effect of a Suspension, Revocation, Cancellation, Bar or Other Disqualification

Disciplinary Rules (Procedural)

  Rule 9217 - Violations Appropriate for Disposition Under Plan Pursuant to SEA Rule 19d-1(c)(2)
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